New Release Loropetalum Plum Gorgeous.

Loropetalum chinense ‘Plum Gorgeous’        
Height: 1.5m           Spread: up to 2m

We have had a look at this plant for nearly six months now. The growers at PGA had told us that this is the deepest and darkest coloured foliage of any Loropetalum on the market, and retains its colour all year round. It’s interesting that this fact is seen as a greater attribute than the hot pink tasseled flowers it has through the spring and summer. Maybe foliage is the new flower when it comes to colour.

Plum Georgeous is the one on the right, with an unnamed variety on the left. Note the different leaf shape. This was not a scientific comparison, and the plant on the left has been in the garden for nearly a year. It will be interesting to see Plum Gorgeous in the same situation.

Our test plant has been planted in a large square vanilla ceramic pot and its contrasting deep crimson leaf colour makes them a great combo. Obviously the plant will stay smaller in the pot, but it will be interesting in a couple of years to see how it does develop in size. It certainly appears naturally bushy and compact.

The Loropetalums can take some shade, are hardy, and may require a light trim occasionally. It can even be informally hedged or mass planted in large ‘parks and gardens’ type areas. You could splash one or two nicely through a contemporary garden, maybe part of an underplanting of a larger tree.

Once established, water requirements are minimal, but mulch well in summer and do not allow the plant to dry out. Fertilise occasionally including after flowering and try shaping it if you are so inclined.

All in all a flexible plant with some showy features. Available at the nursery right now.

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