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I found my thrills on Blueberry Hill.

By James Wall. Yes, it was back up the hills on our annual sojourn, to pick up some blueberry plants. This year we are picking up only 101 advanced Brigitta’s in 30cm pots. They would fill the bottom of the truck and some of them are about waist height, so stacking them on trolleys was …

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Garden Event worth waiting for – Geranium maderense

A Garden Event worth waiting for. By Kevin Mankey. Over the last month I have been watching with anticipation the formation of a giant head of flowers on an old favourite plant in my garden, Geranium maderense. This is a very old species of geranium classified as a “true geranium” differentiating it from the many …

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Pansy flowers perfect as a garnish.

If the food in The Gardenworld Cafe was not already delicious by itself, today it was beautifully garnished by our chefs. They have used freshly picked pansies – plants from the viola family. Pansy flowers are actually edible and are sometimes seen in salads,along with other edible flowers such as nasturtiums and calendula. This time …

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The hungry little caterpillars

By James Wall There are times when some of us want to destroy caterpillars. I know those ones on the broccoli in February are really annoying. There is however a couple of nurserymen who love caterpillars on their plants. In fact they grow them especially to feed the caterpillars. This is what I discovered behind …

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Amorphophallus titanum the Worlds LARGEST Flower!

Story and Photography by Bonnie-Marie Hibbs. The Amorphophallus titanum was discovered in 1878 in Sumatra, Indonesia by Odoardo Beccari who was an Italian botanist. Since its discovery, many botanical gardens from all around the world have been studying and encouraging the Amorphophallus.t to flower and thus hoping to gain a better understanding of how to conserve the species. …

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Arthropodium cirratum will rock your garden !

By Horticulturist Rian Harrison. If you are looking for that ideal plant to grow in dry shade then I have the perfect suggestion for you, it’s the Arthropodium cirratum or commonly known as the New Zealand Rock Lily. A native of NZ this plant is a clump forming perennial with lush green strap-like foliage. It …

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Hot pink new release Euphorbia Lipstick

For years we have been selling a little hybridised  pot plant called Euphorbia Somona. The original Euphorbia of this species was from Madagascar and called Euphorbia milii. Somona was developed and bred for the European market which meant it was important that it was a compact plant as that is what growers in places like …

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Laurentia Blue Star

A new seedling from Oasis.

Laurentia Blue Star Laurentia Blue Star (Laurentia axillaris hybrid) produces a mass of very pretty star shaped blooms above soft mounded foliage ideally suited for softening the edges of borders, paths and retailing walls. Laurentia is a perennial that is often treated as an annual. It is a pretty and hardy plant originating from Australia …

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Orchid Spectacular!

Last weekend the annual orchid show was held at the Springers Leisure Centre, just around the corner from Gardenworld. Folk came from all over Victoria and even interstate. Once again it was a packed weekend, and the standard of entries this year was high. The main reason being there was plenty of rain this year. …

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New Release Loropetalum Plum Gorgeous.

The growers at PGA had told us that this is the deepest and darkest coloured foliage of any Loropetalum on the market, and retains its colour all year round.

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